What are the best ways to get your guests to mingle at your wedding?

What are the best ways to get your guests to mingle at your wedding?

Everybody’s life revolves around their wedding day, not only the pair being married but also the countless family members and friends who will be meeting for the first time. You may have guests who know no one or just a few individuals, so they need special attention and a warm greeting.

When it comes to your wedding reception, you don’t have to resort to the clichéd elementary school icebreakers, but you will need something that gets everyone conversing.

  • Music Does the Magic:

Music has the power to bring people together. If you play the perfect music, your guests will feel like they’re among friends as they get up and dance the night away.

Dances such as salsa or line dancing can also be arranged to dance and meet new people. The wedding bands Glasgow will liven up your celebration, bring your guests together, and satisfy this demand so that your wedding will be a smashing success.

  • Pre-ceremony cocktail hour:

Cocktail hour is often held in the interval between the ceremony and the reception, but you might change the program so that it takes place first! Your guests’ arrival can be marked with a glass of champagne for them to sip while they wait for you to go down the aisle. After you’ve been announced as newlyweds, they’ll be able to join you in a toast to your union. Alternatively, if the cocktail hour occurs between the ceremony and reception, it may be possible to extend it.

  • Skip assigning sides:

Members of the bride’s family and friends traditionally sit to her left and members of the groom’s family and friends to her right, depending on where they will be attending the wedding site. Be mindful of the fact that while it’s nice to honor some traditions on your wedding day, there is no requirement that you do so rigidly. It’s possible that allowing your guests to sit with strangers encourages them to do so. Put up a sign at the entryway to let guests know where you’ll be holding your ceremony. Make the slogan, “Choose a seat, not a side!” more memorable.