Tips On How To Find The Right Wedding Dress While Pregnant

Tips On How To Find The Right Wedding Dress While Pregnant

Are you planning a wedding while pregnant and you are worried that people will notice your baby bump during the wedding day? Worry not. Here are tips on how to find the right outfit for you.

Go for a maternity dress

The good side with a maternity dress is that you can easily modify it if need be. For example, if you wear the outfit during your wedding day and you notice that it’s too large or small, you only need to ask a professional to modify it and you will be good to go.

You should note that you should choose the dress depending on the level of your pregnancy. If you are on the first trimester, you should buy an ordinary dress as no one will notice that you are pregnant. If you are in your second trimester, you should highly consider buying a maternity dress.

Go for the right style

The style of the dress has great impact in how you look during the wedding. The good side is that there are many styles that you can choose from. The most common ones are:

Short skirt length: this is a new trend that is fast growing especially in areas with hotter climates. The good side with a shorter dress is that it keeps you cool during the wedding. Before you go for this dress you should consider whether your legs swell. If they do, you should go for a longer dress.

Tea length skirt: tea length skirts reach to the mid-calf and are common in semi-formal occasions. These are ideal for those with “hot pregnancies” as they allow you to stay cool. The outfits also allow you to stay formal.

Long skirt length: these are very common and very elegant. The good side with them is that they hide the lower part of your body thus make you appear slimmer. While they are great to wear, they tend to retain heat thus you tend to feel very hot during the wedding.

Empire waist: if your stomach is large and showing you should go for an outfit with this style. The good side with this dress is that it has a waistline underneath your chest and the skirt fans out thus covering your stomach. In addition to easily hiding your baby bump it’s also very easy to move in it.


These are tips on how to find the right wedding dress if you are pregnant. If you are still confused on the right outfit to go for you should seek the advice of a professional.