How To Find The Right Wedding Dress For Your Beach Wedding

How To Find The Right Wedding Dress For Your Beach Wedding

The beach is not only relaxed, it’s also very casual; therefore, you will be very comfortable. Are you planning of doing your wedding on the beach? Here are tips on how to find the right wedding dress:

Consider the material of the outfit

Since you will be in a relaxed environment you should go for a wedding dress that is light, flowing and doesn’t wrinkle. As rule of thumb you should avoid thick, heavy materials such as brocade or velvet.

Some of the best materials that you should consider going for are: charmeuse, chiffon, crepe. It’s also wise to consider other materials such as batiste, duchesse satin, damaske, and illusion nets. All of these are light thus will do very well in the beach wind.

Practicality of the dress

When buying your wedding dress you should remember that the beach isn’t a controlled environment thus you have to contend with wind. You also have to walk in sand and pose near the water. Due to this you should avoid dresses that have a large train to prevent the train from being caught up in the sand.

If you are planning of walking in water, you should go for a shorter dress. In addition to the wedding dress you should also consider your shoes. The best way of going about it is going barefoot.

If you are uncomfortable going barefoot you should choose shoes that will allow you to walk comfortably in the sand. For example, you can go for flat sandals. If you are classy you should consider going for thong sandals that have been embellished with stones, crystals and other adornments.

Wear the right jewelry

Since it will be sunny and hot, you should avoid wearing too much jewelry. To keep the beach theme it’s wise that you go with simple hoop earrings and a nautical necklace.

When it comes to makeup, you should wear one that has SPF. You should also not forget your sunscreen.


These are the factors that you should consider when choosing the right dress for your beach wedding. To enjoy the day you should hire the right master of ceremony.

You should also not forget to protect yourself from the sun. If you will be on the sun for a long time you should consider wearing a sun hat. The hat should have a wide brim to provide optimal sun protection. It’s also wise that you wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.