How to Choose the Best Wedding Planner for Your Catholic Wedding

How to Choose the Best Wedding Planner for Your Catholic Wedding

Knowing that there is so much to do when getting ready for your wedding, you’ve decided that the best way forward is to find a wedding planner to take on most of the arrangements and details for you. However, the one stumbling block you might be up against is that you want to have a traditional Catholic wedding because you are both active members in your parish and most of the people being invited are Catholics as well. Does this mean you need to find a Catholic wedding planner? Not necessarily. Let’s look at some options you have.


Experience Planning Catholic Weddings

It really doesn’t matter so much if your wedding planner is Catholic but if they’ve had experience planning other Catholic weddings then that is a plus. It may be hard to find a practicing Catholic wedding planner and if the best you can do is find one with experience in traditional Catholic weddings and receptions, that’s a good start. Bear in mind that they won’t be planning the actual Nuptial Mass but most of what they do will be in terms of hiring a photographer, finding a venue for the reception, booking entertainment, and of course finding suitable Catholic wedding favors for the tables at the reception. Of course, they will also be responsible for being the liaison with the staff at the venue; the seating arrangement and table settings would be a key responsibility you would entrust them with.

Gauging Your Rapport

This is going to be one of the very most important days in your life so you will want to know that the wedding planner you choose is willing to work with you. If you don’t feel that sense of rapport, you may need to continue looking. Even if you have to settle for a wedding planner who isn’t at all familiar with traditional Catholic weddings, it is something they can learn if they are willing to do so. Unlike that experienced wedding planner that you felt uncomfortable talking to, this one is courteous and excited at the prospect of helping to plan a glorious day for you. It is always better to find a wedding planner who can be guided than one who is unwilling to listen to your input. It is your day after all, so the final say really is yours.

Timing Is Everything

Once you’ve had a chance to check out a few reviews from previous couples who have used the services of the wedding planner you are interested in, remember that timing is everything. Not all couples set their wedding out a year in the future, so it is imperative that your wedding planner is on schedule to get things handled timely. Some will even help with getting those invitations ordered, addressed, and mailed! Each wedding planner has their own set of functions they are capable of handling, but again, timing is everything. Make this one of the first things you do so that your wedding planner has time to make all the necessary arrangements. You are hiring a wedding planner to alleviate much of your pre-wedding jitters, so remember, timing is a must. The earlier you choose your planner, the easier the days leading up to your wedding will be and that is why you need all the help you can get.