Guide and ideas for a top gay wedding

Guide and ideas for a top gay wedding

For all those who do not like stereotypes, the moment between two people of the same sex is a real revolution. Those who organize weddings believe that a union between gays arouses much more curiosity and emotion, perhaps because we also understand the courage that the couple had to accept each other and be accepted by others in what many label as “diversity”. This is why the desire to celebrate is even more, for the newlyweds and for the guests. Creating an event that remains in the heart is an even more important mission. But how do you make an equal gender marriage top?


Special ideas for a gay wedding? There are many and even emblematic. Yes, because love is also symbolic, it is also capable of making special occasions for sharing one’s desire for happiness with others. You must therefore select some expert who can make the symbols of your union unique, using original images, which can make the wedding party top.


Is there a symbol more linked to the LGBT world than the rainbow? So the rainbow cake is almost a must. It is a cake with at least 7 layers of sponge cake, each of a rainbow color. Add two he or two lei on the top and that’s it. The rainbow theme is easy to integrate into the mood of the whole event. Menus, decorations, invitations, favors and sugared almonds, clothing details. But be careful that it does not become a cliché.


For marriage equal to gender, everything is needed in the field except for tradition. Being an unconventional party, which is overcoming mental barriers, the spouses can indeed have to dare in the look, trying to put all their creative flair in that dress that will represent them for life. The details make the difference, the stylist must be able to emphasize the tastes and needs of the couple. The most chosen suits for men are quite traditional, with differences in cuts and colors even within the couple. Women very often choose the trouser suit or, very elegant and refined, the white tuxedo, both for the day and for the evening, with feminine touches.


The exchange of vows in a gay marriage takes on a more emphatic and particular connotation than that which unites man and woman. It is in fact the result, and it cannot be hidden, of a long and not always easy path. The memory of this special day cannot translate into just any ornament, but it must be an object to be used every day, simple or eccentric, but which is a constant reminder of your commitment. You ask a help gay wedding planner .

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