Factors To Consider When Buying Bridesmaid Dresses

Are you planning of having a wedding? For the wedding to be a success you need to ensure that you are not the only one looking elegant; the bridesmaids should also look great. To buy the right outfits you need to consider a number of factors such as:


The color of the dresses is very important. For ideal results you should choose a color that looks good on the dresses. The color should also be scattered throughout the reception area.

It’s wise that you go with colors that match the season that you are doing the wedding. For example, if you are doing the wedding during springtime you should go with light pastels. If you are doing the wedding during summer you should go with bright, bold colors.

Another way of deciding the right color to choose is to determine the nature of your wedding. If you will be doing a casual wedding, you aren’t limited on the color that you should go with; however, if you will be doing an ultra-formal wedding you should go with outfits that are dark brown or black in color.

Body types

Different people have different body types. For ideal results you should ensure that every bridesmaid wears a dress that accentuates the great areas of the body while hiding the awful parts.

For example, ladies with apple figures (where the upper body that is larger than the lower) should wear outfits that emphasize their legs while downplaying their shoulders and mid-section.

If there are ladies with hourglass figures (where the upper and lower bodies are similar in proportion), they should wear outfits that show off their curves while at the same time keeping them balanced.


Just like it’s important to consider the body type of the bridesmaids, it’s also very important to consider the fabric of the outfit. As rule of thumb you should go for a fabric that matches the theme of the wedding.

Some of the best fabrics that you should go for are: brocade, chiffon, satin, taffeta, charmeuse, organza and silk.


These are the factors that you should consider when buying bridesmaid dresses. You should buy the outfits early enough in order to allow time for alterations. For ideal results you should buy the dresses four of five months before the wedding. For the dresses to look great on everyone you should work with a professional tailor.