Get Back Together With Your Ex By Giving Them What They Want

If your ex recently broke up with you, then it should be pretty clear that they don’t want whatever it is that you had to offer them in the past. So, what exactly do they want, then? Find out here.


For starters, if you want your ex back, you can’t just keep thinking about what you can give them to keep them happy. You have to think about yourself, as well. Think about it. What good would you be doing yourself and your potential future relationship if all that you do is run after your ex, beg them for another chance and promise them the world if they forgive you? Relationships always need to have a balance of give and take in order to work well – remember that.


On that note, you can’t just keep telling your ex that things will be better from now on. You actually have to show them that you mean what you say. Show them that the person that they fell for in the first place is still there. Remind them of how great your life was together and show them that you plan on heading somewhere special, so that they will be more than willing to join you on that particular journey. In other words, give them a reason to want to get back together with you.


As mentioned earlier, you have to give your ex a glimpse of what the future would hold if they were to take you back. Make sure you show them a vision that is exciting and alluring when it comes to this, though. Try to remember the things that you used to do for them in the past and try to see how you can make things look brighter for you in the future. One way to show them this kind of future would be to fill up your life with interesting and positive things from now on. Once they see how fun and exciting a person you can be, in general, whether as a friend or as a lover, they are sure to find you incredibly attractive once again.

If all else fails, you can always rack through your brain to find out how to get your ex curious and grab their attention in a unique way. Show them that there is no need to be apart in order to be happy and to make their dreams come true, and they are sure to come back in no time.