Five Things You Should Stop Doing to Win Back Your Ex

Five Things You Should Stop Doing to Win Back Your Ex

I have tried these five things to no avail. I was curious so I asked a couple of friends who had attempted to win back their ex, the response was same.

1. Wishing things could come back to normal

For your ex to be your “ex” something went down badly. The opportunity to make things right could be lost. He or she probably has moved on and met someone who has done better than you ever did. Its time to wake up and let it go. Even if you eventually succeeds in getting him or her back, i doubt you could ever make it so right, except of-course he or she is still much available and willing as much as you to get things back to normal

2.Working hard to get him or her jealous

Forget those good old tricks of trying to hang around her with your new found ‘arranged date’. You can only piss them off the more. Jealously works, is just that it doesn’t make things right again, it just makes your ex feel you are still that same boastful-am-OK-with-myself type.

3. Tailing your spouse

It is really time to move on. It is both sad and selfish to keep pressing things. Tailing him or her makes you look too desperate and even if you succeed in winning them back, you would have lost all the edge in the relationship

4. Feeling so sorry for yourself

This wont help you. He or she is gone, what can you do? Instead of feeling too sorry for yourself, why not work on what made things go bad and see if you can find someone else? You cannot get him or her back by sleeping away your social time in worry.

5. Staying lonely

It is time to try to hang out and be free of worry. You need to go out there and find someone to make you happy and feel cherished. One way to get going is to seek happiness again. If things were meant to be, you cannot change it. But the closest way to get really worked up not having your ex around is staying lonely.

Now you have the five, let me mention that, anything you do to be happy is worth it but be careful not to rob yourself of the chances of being happy again chasing shadows.

So what do you guys thing? Drop your comments! We are all learning.