Why I Can’t Forget My Ex Boyfriend When He Has Moved On With His Life

Are you still in love with your ex-boyfriend? I found it difficult to shrug off the breakup and move on since I had feelings for my ex.

Even though I actually wanted to move on with my life, despite my best effort I found my self thinking about him. I was left to wonder, “Why in the world can’t I forget my ex boyfriend”.

Clearly, it takes time to accept that the relationship is over. It’s natural to occasionally think about your ex after a breakup. However, if it starts to have a negative effect on your day, you need to put extra effort to steer your thoughts away from your ex boyfriend.

If your ex boyfriend has given a good indication that he has moved on, it’s time for you to accept it. You have to respect your ex boyfriends wishes. That may not be what you want but you can’t force someone to be with you.

There is no point hoping to get back together, when you know deep down that this is not what your ex wants. I know this may sound like heart piecing advice, but you have to hear it from someone! From my own experience, I realize that it’s not as easy as the written word, to get your ex out of your mind!

Eventually, I realized that even though my ex boyfriend has moved on with his life, I was the one who was stuck, feeling miserable. How could it be that he is having such a wonderful life? Obviously, he does not think about me and I am still hung up on him. I still hope that we will get back together one day.

Why I can’t forget my ex boyfriend

I realized that the more time I spent alone, I kept thinking of our happier times. It would then stir up all the emotions within me.

Honestly, as much as I hate to admit this in public, I actually liked thinking about my ex! So, I preferred to be alone, just so I can just think about my ex boyfriend.

It didn’t stop there, there were more things I did to keep the memory of us alive,

1. I didn’t collect all the photos in my apartment and put them away. Every corner I turned to I could find a picture of us. No wonder I can’t let go of my ex boyfriend!

2. I received a locket necklace him, which I still wear. Then there’s the loving teddy bear, which I keep close when I sleep.

3. I regularly checked my ex boyfriend’s Facebook wall. I mainly did this to check what he was up to. Obviously, it was clear that he had moved on with life. I felt sad to know that he is happy without me. At the same time it was a good eye opener for me.

4. Then there was the travel route I take to my office. I intentionally take the one which goes through my ex boyfriend’s apartment. May be I’ll catch a glimpse of him going jogging or maybe he is walking towards his favorite coffee shop.

Writing and re-reading all this seems so pathetic. I was intentionally not allowing myself to forget my ex boyfriend. Perhaps, you are doing the same?