To Give Love, You First Must Be Love!

The more love you give is the more love you receive, right? Wrong. You cannot give what you don’t have. That statement has been touted around for so long that if you begin to say the first part of the sentence someone else can finish it with the exact words. You may feel that you have a lot of love to give and you give it freely. Unfortunately you haven’t been receiving any kind of love that makes you feel good. Or you maybe receiving love, but it does not look genuine nor does it feel real. You maybe involved in a situation that is less than loving and instead of feeling fulfilled you are feeling drained and depleted. Do you feel that you are being compassionate, honest and loving but someone else may not think you are? Or your acts of kindness are not being received openly? It is not that you are not being thoughtful and kind. You maybe doing something out of obligation and the other person may sense that and take offense at it. However, if you are offering your time and you from a genuine place of love and concern then your gifts will be received warmly.

Giving love requires that you first have that love within your heart. Not love for others, but love for yourself. If you love, accept and approve of yourself first you will then have love for others. Likewise, the love you receive from others will only be equaled to the love you have for yourself. So if you feel that you are not getting enough love from others, check your internal love stash. It maybe low and needs to be replenished. You already have all the love you need within, but you just need to tap into it. It is right in you waiting for you to remember where it is.

Unfortunately, you may lose touch with yourself and the love that you have within. It is easy to get entangled in the lives of others that you forget who you are and the love you have inside of you. Because you had forgotten about the love already within you seek it out from those whose lives you have gotten entangled in. Their lives are also out of sync and they are unable to offer you the love you desperately seek. You maybe so intent on getting that love from the outside that you end up living a life that is not even yours. When you begin to live someone else’s life, you are what is referred to as a “square peg” trying to fit into a round hole. You will never fit, but because you are squeezing with all your might to get into that hole, your body begins to register extreme emotional pain which leads to mental pain which inevitably results in physical pain. Depression sets in and now not only do you not have the love you so desperately sought outside of you, you are now in excruciatingly physical, mental and emotional pain wondering how you got there in the first place. You have lost touch with your essential self. Your essential self is the part of you that is all the love you will ever need to make you feel fulfilled. It’s also the part of you that you have been disconnected from which resulted in you losing yourself in order to get love. Your Essential Self is your true self, the YOU which embodies the essence of who you really are, when all the programming, old beliefs and out-dated thought processes are stripped away.

Lack of self-love will also cause you to do unloving things to you and others around you. You will get involved in situations that do not serve the highest purpose of yourself. You will also get involved with people that are also lacking in self-love and they will cause you more pain than you are already experiencing. Once you begin to experience the pain because of your lack of self-love it will be difficult to fully take care of yourself. You will find yourself experiencing deep emotional pain and sinking into depression all because you have found yourself in a situation where neither you nor the others involved has any self-love. If you are ill, it will be impossible to give of yourself in the same manner as when you were in good health. Those are two different stages of your life that require a different focus. It is common to see people going full speed ahead with their lives without having the proper focus on each stage of their life.

When you lack love for yourself, normal behavior towards others may at times be perceived as not genuine. Those that you interact with are the mirrors to your attitude and emotions on a subconscious level. So if you are filled with anger and resentment even if it’s only a little, it will come across in your words and you action. As a result your attitude will be met with a nasty and resentful response. So if your relationship with someone is not going too well, it is important to look deeper to see what emotions are under the surface that maybe coming out in your words and actions. Practicing deeper self-love will not only help you to access the love that you already possess, but it will help you to be able to give that love freely, openly and without expectations. If you approach every situation in your life from the stand point of love you will receive a positive, peaceful and calm outcome instead of a nasty, resentful outcome.

Some of you are walking around with parts you that are deeply wounded and fragmented. If you do not take the time to heal, you will forever attract unhealthy situations in your life. You must find and take the time to heal the wounded and fragmented parts of you. But until you do, you will not be able to fully access all the love that is waiting within you. However, in order to heal it is necessary to pay attention to the mirror reflections that show up in your life. It is the only way for you to get a good look at who you are on a subconscious level. You can then begin to work on yourself from that depth and they work your way up by accepting yourself and begin taking small steps towards healing those wounded and fragmented parts within you.