How to Stay Faithful in a Long Distance Relationship

Being in a long distance relationship is difficult but if you truly love someone distance is not a reason to breakup. When entering a long distance relationship it is critical for the relationship that both sides stay faithful for the health of the relationship.

First thing in staying faithful there needs to be trust between both parties in the relationship. If one side doesn’t trust the other than they will let their mind wander into thinking the other is cheating on them. Once that thought spins around for too long it is just a matter of time when they are looking out for their own. Trust is not something that either of you can just make happen it is an element for some that takes times or for others it is instant. The hard truth of the matter that when you enter a long distance relationship trust must be prevalent or the ending will not go well.

Secondly technology has made some parts of a long distance relationship much easier. One thing that can help dramatically is investing in some form of video chat. When a couple goes lengths of time without seeing each other’s face and smile they can become distant to each other. The simple fact of looking at each other’s eyes can ease the nerves on both sides.

You should setup times where the two of you have time to talk instead of waiting for random calls. In these days of text messages and emails we often forget how important it is to carve out a part of the day for your loved one. The longer you two spend apart the more important sitting in front of a web chat will become. Make sure that you refer to is a date night or something important to the two of you. Remember seeing each other in one way or another is very important. Snapping pictures also will help.

Finally you need to maintain a level of intimacy. For some people this can be nerve raking at first because they are uncomfortable displaying physical feelings over the phone or over a web chat. If your partner is trying to get you to display these emotions then it is a good thing. This means that your partner is engaged in the relationship and should put you at ease. Take some time and learn how to enjoy some long distance intimacy it will make your day a bit easier.

Remember a long distance relationship takes patience and trust from both sides of the party.