5 Tips for Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship

Most of us have a lot of fears when it comes to relationships. Not only do we get paranoid and do crazy things, but many of us will have very high impulses and decide on some matters almost instantly without thinking of the possible consequences of our actions.

Before any step will be taken to nurture your relationship, it is important that you first decide on what type of a relationship you will have. If you remember the relationship status on Facebook, there are a lot to choose from but you only have to choose one. Figuring out the real score between you two, especially in long distance relationships, will help your relationship grow.

When we are in a relationship, there are certain unspoken rules that we have to follow. Some may call them rules while others may call them limits. For now, let us use the term limits. Define your limits. Since you already know what you two are to each other, you can now set some limitations if you want to. However, when setting such limits, do avoid making your partner feel suffocated.

Probably one of the things that couples forget most of the time is respecting one another. This does not cover long distance relationships alone but relationships in general. We all have to respect one another for us to be respected in return. If, for instance, both of you cannot arrive on a similar decision, give way to the other. If you don’t, you are just going to end up fighting. If you cannot give way then compromise. There are many ways you can do find to avoid fighting.

Another thing to remember in long distance relationships more specifically is to have an open communication. Both of you are going to be apart so you should know what your communication route will be. Decide on this before one of you leaves so that you would not have to spend more of your much-needed time together on figuring out how to reach the other. Communicate regularly if time permits you to. This way, it would make you feel like you are together physically.

There may be a lot to keep in mind when you and your partner are going the distance, but never ever forget the most important thing you have to do. Trust one another. Build your relationship on trust. Doubting one another will only ruin your relationship and will also make you go crazy. Absence makes the heart go fonder, capitalize on that fact.