Connecting With Your Old Classmates

Recently I had a great opportunity to attend a reunion of my masters degree classmates. It had been since long time we all met, and we decided to meet. That weekend became one of the most fun filled and amazing weekends of my life.

Our life is about connecting the dots. All the dots we meet and experience during this journey called life. All those amazing people who come to our life bringing a sense of deep connection. Connecting with our old classmates connects us to our campus life.

The campus life where we laughed together. We learned together. We celebrated together. We even fought together for all those silly reason, that brings smile to me now. What an amazing time is the campus life, and a reunion with your classmates, bring back all those wonderful memories back to our life again..

There is a special bonding with those who studied with us. They know our strengths and motivates us to excel. They know our weakness, and motivates us to improve. They know our heart beat, and we feel connected when we are with them..

The weekend we stayed together we cherished all the great memories we had. Talking about what is going on in our life. Telling each other our plans for our life, and motivating each other to give our best. Same way we used to talk about our life during our campus life.

And then, all the fun and jokes we made of each others. Taking all of us completely to those great campus days. We never knew, time will pass so quickly when you are with people – who loves you and care about you.

When we were leaving back after the weekend get together, for each of us, there was one thing going on – “Had we got one more day”..

While driving back from the get together, I told my friend – “You know what. This campus life, I may or may not go back again. But those wonderful friends, will always remain with me for my life. And when I go back to my life now, I will make sure, I attract people to my life as friends, who will be my friends forever, same like you people are to my life”..

Take action time: Call/Ping/Email ONE old classmate you had, and tell him/her – “Hi friend”, and if they are near you, meet!