Come Together During Old Friends, New Friends Week

Come Together During Old Friends, New Friends Week

How long has it been since you’ve seen your old friends? Have you kept in touch with the people who always brought a smile to your face? Or have your cherished friendships slowly faded away?

What about your new friends? Are you spending time together and building strong relationships? Or are your new friendships in danger of slowly fading away?

May 15 – 20 is Old Friends, New Friends Week. The week is dedicated to rebuilding relationships and fortifying fresh friendships.

Reconnecting With Old Friends

It happens to all of us. We lose touch with close friends over time. It’s never intentional. We get busy with work, our schedules become hectic and years seem to fly by. Pretty soon we’re left wondering where the time has gone. And we realize it’s been ages since we’ve seen people we care about.

Old Friends, New Friends Week is the perfect opportunity to reach out to your old friends. Get together in person or catch up with a long phone call. Exchange email addresses and find each other on social networks. It’s the first step towards rebuilding the connection you’ve always shared.

Building New Friendships

New friendships need to be nurtured. Spend some time with your newest friends during Old Friends, New Friends Week. Go out for coffee, enjoy a movie together and get to know the new people in your life a little better.

Benefits Of Friendship

Friends are more than just people we see now and then. They are invested individuals who help guide us down the path of life. Friends are the support group we may not even realize we need – until we really need them.

A friend listens and genuinely cares about what you have to say. Friends carry you through your darkest days, and make your triumphs worth celebrating. They are an essential part of life. Your friends can make you feel happier and actually help improve your health.

We all need our friends. And they need us.

Celebrate Old Friends, New Friends Week

Dr. Jan Yager is an award-winning author, sociologist, speaker, and the founder of Old Friends, New Friends Week. She coined the term “Friendshifts” to explain how relationships change over the years. As we get older, our priorities shift. We enter new stages of our lives. Some friendships become more prominent. Others are put on hold.

Celebrate Old Friends, New Friends Week by reaching out to people from your past. Call your former classmates, colleagues, military buddies and anyone else who once played an important role in your life. And don’t forget to take some time to cultivate the new friendships.

Make The Effort

You may not think of friendship as work, but it does take effort. Your life is busy. You’ve probably lost touch with some of the important people in your life. But if you’re willing to make the time, you can restore and rebuild those old friendships.

Friendship does take effort, but it’s always worth it. Building your relationships will enrich your life. And Old Friends, New Friends Week is a great time to start.

How will you celebrate your friendships?