Simple Mens Wedding Rings

Men’s wedding rings can be a touchy subject. Some men don’t want one, and some men want elaborate ones. However, a man’s hand looks best with a simple ring. All you need for the man is a band, nothing elaborate.

When dealing with a man who doesn’t want to wear a ring, sometimes you can convince him to wear a simple band. Getting a simple band for the man also guarantees that your rings look good together. This is especially important for the wedding album – it seems that every wedding has a picture of the hands of the bride and groom with their rings on. A simple band which matches the base metal for the woman’s rings is ideal.

When dealing with a man who wants an elaborate ring, a simple ring still works best. It will match any and all clothing he wear. He won’t have to take care of it or watch out when working with his hands. There is nothing harder than cleaning grease out of diamond settings at home. Eventually, even your jeweler will charge for cleaning if you bring it in all the time. Grease and dirt destroy the brilliance of the stones. By getting him a plain ring, these troubles are solved.

There is also budget to consider. It seems, in this day and age, that the bride and her family still pay for the wedding. Additionally, the bride is supposed to pay for the husband’s wedding ring. In this situation, expense can be tight, and keeping them low is essential. Men’s wedding ring of a simple band can keep expenses lower than a diamond encrusted band.