Want to Be a Man Magnet – 3 Secrets to Attract Men

None of us can become a man magnet overnight. To attract men you need to possess certain qualities. Initially when we learn the tricks of approaching men and dating we feel very awkward. The trouble is most of us consider ourselves not good enough to attract a man. We do not believe that we have the right components to make a guy fall for us.

Image that you project

If you are serious about figuring out how to attract men the first thing you must believe is that you are a man magnet. Believe that you have the right kind of stuff which will make men want you. Think and believe that you are beautiful, confident and sexy and only a crazy man will not want you.

Most men have the ability to recognize fearful, nervous girls from whom they normally prefer to stay away. Men look for women who are jovial, confident and happy human beings. Hence it is important that you project yourself to be a happy person and send the right kind of body signals to make a guy want you.

Physical appearance

Secondly pay attention to your physical appearance. It is necessary to put in efforts to look good. You should be well-groomed and have a unique style to make you a guy magnet. Ensure that what you wear accentuates your body and figure. This does not mean that you wear skimpy outfits to show off your figure. You must attempt to dress in a way that makes you feel good both from inside and outside. Small little things like well painted nails and a simple hairstyle can do wonders to your overall physical appearance.


One simple thing which makes a woman attractive to men is SMILE. Men prefer women who smile a lot. When you smile you give the impression of being a person who is approachable, friendly and happy. As human beings all of us prefer to be with people who seem to be happy rather than those who look miserable. Smile also boosts the self-confidence of a person and is the easiest thing you can do to attract a man.

Avoid drama

Men love women who are laid back, fun to be with and do not act dramatic. They prefer women who take things as they come without complaining too much. To be successful man magnet women should give men space and be like one of their buddies. The woman should ideally be a cute and sexy buddy with whom men like to be seen around.