Mature Dating – Are There Any Good Men Even Out There for an Over 50 Woman? Dating Advice Over 50

Time and Time again, I hear these discouraging words from my coaching clients-“There are just no good men out there for me to date.” That would be true especially if you hate online dating, dislike going to bars, would ‘rather not’ when it comes to singles dances or just don’t like the idea of speed dating and going from man to man in a matter of minutes.

For sure, it’s going to feel like no men are out there for you.

I know this is a common thought as well after a really bad date. You get discouraged and think every man out there is a jerk and sometimes they are. But if you let this one incident ruin your dating life, you won’t be in the right frame of mind to meet great men and you could end up spending Saturday nights alone or with girlfriends.

Now, I want to share this huge secret with you-QUALITY MEN ARE EVERYWHERE!

And more and more of them are coming onto the dating scene daily looking for a new partner as their long marriages have ended. The best news is they want to meet women just like you!

I want to show you how you can start finding those quality men who are out there. Although for many, this option is no longer appealing, the best way to meet men is at an online dating site.

Men and Women over 50 are one of the biggest populations at online dating sites.

Yet, many women are looking for a more organic way to meet men-meaning finding men locally on their own. And, you can meet lots of men this way! Start by taking a good look again at all the types of men you are open to dating so you know what you are looking for.

Once you have this picture in your head, it’s time to figure out where these men are hiding so you can begin meeting them on a daily basis.

What kinds of classes interest you? Would men be at any of them? If not, think of new interests that might include men such as a cooking class or a wine tasting event. Common pursuits make starting a conversation with a man so much easier.

Next, start thinking of places men might be. Here are some examples-the racetrack, a casino, dog parks, a sporting event (you can just feel the testosterone at those!), your local grocery store or Meet Ups in your area just to name a few.

Get yourself to these places and plug into a man’s DNA need to help a damsel in distress. Sit next to a man and ask him questions like which horse do you think looks like a winner? Or I’m not sure how to play this game; can you give me a tip?

If you do want to get fixed up, turn every friend, relative, and co- worker into a ‘Dating Fairy God Mother!’

Let them know you are available and ask if they know someone they could fix you up with? Your ‘Dating Fairy God Mothers’ need to be constantly reminded you are single. This is the only way fixing up is going to work for you.

And lastly, when you have that bad date, remember this is only about one man.

He doesn’t represent the entire male population. There are good men out there. It’s just going to take a bit of patience along with time and energy on your part to find them.

I know you can do it so get started right now by figuring out where you’d like to begin meeting new men. Choose one-whether it’s a class, an event or fix ups by a friend and watch your dating life turn around quickly.

Have Fun with it and know that a great man is just around the corner waiting to be found by you!