Is She Still Interested in Me – 5 Stone Cold Signs She Wants to Commit

So you’ve been dating for a short while and you’re now asking yourself: “is she still interested in me?” When you first start dating a person, it can be hard to tell if they’re in it for the long term or if they just want to see you casually; and nobody wants to be the one that asks: “Hey! Are we a real boyfriend and girlfriend yet?” While you’re in that grey area, here are five signs you can use to determine whether or not she wants to commit with you.

1 – She introduces you to her friends: If she introduces you to her friends, it could be the forerunner to her introducing you to her family; she’s letting you into her life and her social circle. That’s a really great sign that she’s interested in you long-term. If however she’s a little bit cagy about her friends and she seems unwilling for you to mix social groups, that’s a sign that you’re going to be a short fixture in her life.

2 – She clears up her schedule for you: A second good sign is how far in advance she’s allowing herself to plan arrangements with you. It’s not good if she’s very aloof about what she’s doing this weekend. It shows that she’s probably got other people that she’s dating and you’re not her number one priority. However, if she’s willing to book things with you a long time in advance – even if it’s just a week ahead of schedule – and she’s quite keen to ask you what you’re doing on a given day of the month, then that’s a really good sign that she’s interested in more of a long-term commitment.

3 – She grants you access to her personal space: How much access does she give you to things in her personal life? For instance, have you visited her house? It could also be little things like if she’s willing to let you check your emails on her personal computer. Does she leave you in the room with her phone unattended? If not, it probably suggests that she’s got a few other dates and might have a few things to hide.

4 – She invests time and money into the relationship: People that are only interested in themselves and don’t see you in their future will be a bit more selfish. She might argue with you over whose round it is of drinks. On the other hand, it’s always good if she shows that aspect of generosity – and this is just proportionate generosity; it doesn’t mean she has to shower you with loads of presents. A bit of flamboyance in terms of how much she’s willing to spend both in time and money often is an indicator of how much she’s willing to invest in you emotionally.

5 – She discusses big questions and issues with you: This is likely something that comes up after a few months of dating. In any case, think about it; has she ever brought up topics such as marriage, children, religion, how close you are with your family? These questions don’t have to include you directly. It could just be her asking you your opinion on these long-term big philosophical life questions. If she’s asking these things, chances are that she’s testing out her long-term compatibility with you.

If you find yourself in that grey area, hopefully these signs will help to give you a better understanding of your situation and ultimately help you answer the bottom line question: “Is she still interested in me?”