Is He Playing You? Read This to Know If He’s For Real

Don’t feel bad if you worry whether or not your man is a player. You’re not alone here. Every woman wants to know what her man is really thinking and doing and if his motives are true or he’s making a fiddle out of your heart. Trust is so hard to come by these days, so a bit of worry is natural. I have three ways for you to be able to tell the difference as to whether he’s a player or the real thing. Keep reading to find out.

His Availability

You can pretty well figure out if he’s a player or a real man depending on how difficult it is to reach him. If you call and he answers most every time you do, then most likely he is the real man that you think he is. If you catch his voicemail most of the time, however, then chances are he’s avoiding you or screening to figure out which woman is calling him. Of course, he could have one of those jobs where he’s constantly working, but you should know this at the beginning of the relationship anyway.

A player will be the guy who lets all of his calls go to voicemail so he doesn’t get caught up in his own game. Also, keep an eye on him when you’re together and if he answers his phone or lets it go. If his calls go to voicemail, he could be just being polite to you and giving you his time, but watch this just in case you’re getting played for a fool.

His Actions vs. His Words

If he intimates that you are his everything, then he will show it if he’s the real deal. He will be there for you to back up his claims. You’ll see him more than you talk to him on the phone. If his words and actions do not match, then be cautious with your heart because you could be getting played.

Keep Him If He Keeps His Word

This is pretty self-explanatory. Check what he says against what he does. If he keeps his promises then you should keep him. If he’s a liar, then he’s a player and you should drop him faster than a bad habit. You don’t want to get hurt, and you don’t deserve to, so don’t allow him to do it. Remember, being hurt and let down is bad, but it will only happen as much as you allow it to.

Now you know three ways to tell if he’s truly the perfect guy you’ve been thinking he is, or a frog in a prince’s clothing. If you want to know more ways to tell whether he’s the committal type of man or a player, just let me know. I’ll be happy to give you some more tips.