How To Date Your Friend’s Ex

 There is always a basis for starting a great relationship and there are certain factors which can benefit or destroy a relationship such as family, finances, religion as well as friendship.

There is no specific rule that exists and declares that your friend’s ex should never be your date however there are factors and decision which should be made before attending to such event.

Dating your friend’s ex could be a great experience significantly if you really like the person however it can also be a major disaster if they were really not over each other.

Once you have decided to date your friend’s ex make sure that their relation ship is really over because in the end, no one will suffer but you and your relationship and other parties which might be involved if it does not go well.

No matter how long you’ve known each other as well as your friend keep in mind that the secret for success is honesty as well as keeping the communication open for your friend and future relationship.

Here are some tips that you could apply for your date in order to achieve a great future relationship.

  • Think. There is nothing wrong with dating your friend’s ex but you should keep in mind that you might lose your friend just in case he/she is still not over the feeling he/she used to feel. Think about it over and over again if this is something that you would really like to do and if you could risk both parties and make a decision in case they would ask you to choose.
  • Talk. Communications should always be open with both parties and it always better to tell your friend about the date after all its not yet a relationship that you are starting. If your friend would take it negatively, state your agenda for attending to the date but never make it as an avenue for revenge as things might not go the way you want them to be.
  • Be Discrete. Your friend might act okay by merely sharing to him/her the situation but things might turn worst once he/she sees the both of you together as jealousy might heat up the situation.
  • Don’t Rush. Take it slow, tell it to your pack one at a time for others might not agree on the situation you are in, give time for them to accept the fact that you are dating and not yet having a relationship. Don’t tell everything to your friend for the reason that it might ruin your relationship with your friend as he/she might not want to hear things that you have been through as to it might bring the old memories back to life.
  • Be Comfortable. Once your friend starts dating another person as well, break the tension by suggesting a double date, see it as an opportunity for a healthy situation. Public display of attention should always be a sensitive issue to be kept in mind thereby attributing respect for your friend ads well.

Remember that your friend does not own his/her ex therefore a healthy relationship may start whoever your friend’s ex chooses to be with. Dating will never be a problem only if everyone would be matured and open enough to accept the situation.

The odds will always be present in dating your friend’s former ex but acceptance should always took place no matter how hard it is for your friend besides he/she doesn’t own that person and it is rightful for him/her to set that person free regardless of the situation. Have fun!