The 10th Wedding Anniversary

The 10th Wedding Anniversary

It is going to be my 10th wedding anniversary soon. Great, my marriage lasts for 10 years! What would I be planning for my beloved wife? Well, here are some of my ideas and I hope that you would find them useful. Of course, what is applicable to me might not be applicable to you so use them as your guide only.

Discuss with your spouse – Yes, it’s true. Discuss with your spouse and see what he/she wants for the anniversary. You might be surprised with what they want is totally different with what you may be thinking of. Be creative, fuse both your idea with what he/she wants to make your anniversary special!

For example, my wife wanted a nice buffet dinner. I thought I would want to give her a nice candle-light dinner. So, my final plan is to surprise her with a rented Porsche and I will drive her to a posh restaurant that provides tasty buffet dinner. Then, I’ll end with a special diamond jewelry as an anniversary gift. Since she like Hello Kitty, I might buy a Hello Kitty Necklace that has some stubs of dimond on it.

No kids at all – When I plan for the anniversary, the kids will not be involve. Hey, give some time to yourself and your spouse. Leave the kids with your parents or neighbors just for one night. Make that night a special one for the two of you, isn’t that great? And, it is also important not to talk about KIDS during your night together. Yes, talking about kids can be a big letdown during the celebration!

Stay on budget – Decided on a budget and DO NOT go on credit. Spend what is within your limit and do not go beyond your limits by taking loans. I have decided to budget about $1,500 for the celebration and that’s what I’m comfortable with. Now it’s up to you how much you want to spend but stay within your budget. You won’t want to see your credit card bill in shock after your anniversary!

So, the above are just some of my ideas. You may have different thoughts so take the above as a guide.