Romantic Anniversary Ideas

As your anniversary approaches, are you wondering what you can do to make a real statement this year? Being romantic on your anniversary is the key to making the day stand out and showing the one you love that you are truly thrilled to be spending your life together. Here are some ideas that are sure to impress.

Romantic Anniversary Idea #1 – Recreate Your First Date

Do you remember where you had your first date? Is there something about that night that stands out, such as a special movie you watched or a song you danced to? As much as you can, recreate that day again. If you now live far from the location, find a similar place and do the same activities you did on that first day. This will impress and bring out feelings of nostalgia in your spouse. If you cannot remember the details of your first date, recreate the day you were engaged.

Romantic Anniversary Idea #2 – Have a Nighttime Picnic

Find a spot with a great nighttime view. Pack romantic foods, like cheese, strawberries, and wine, and enjoy a picnic after dark. Consider investing in some battery-operated lights that look like candles so you can enjoy a candle-lit meal without worrying about the wind blowing out the flame. Spend some time cuddling and watching the stars. Of course, you will need a back-up plan for rain.

Romantic Anniversary Idea #3 – Create a Memory Book

If you have a bunch of old photographs lying around of the two of you, compile them into a memory book, and include your sentiments about the memories they capture. If you are not crafty and the idea of creating a scrapbook is scary to you, you can do this online with scanned or digital images. The fact that you took the time to rekindle some of those old memories will be very meaningful to your partner.

No matter what you do, spend your anniversary remembering your history together. It is on that history that you will build your future, so do not let it be forgotten.