First Anniversary Ideas

You are about to complete a year of being husband and wife and you are so excited. You still have fond memories of the time you got married but you are also starting to look at the future together. Your first anniversary is a time to celebrate in style. Here are some great ideas to make your first anniversary extra special.

The best way to celebrate your paper wedding anniversary is to watch your wedding video together. That does not mean you just switch on the video and watch it like a rented movie. Switch off your cell phones, pull the blinds, lock the doors and create the perfect atmosphere to watch the video. You might want to include a part of the wedding menu in the form of quick bites. Wear your most enticing wedding lingerie while you both relive the moments of your wedding.

A more intimate way to celebrate the special day is to pamper your spouse with breakfast in bed. Serve up their favorite breakfast food on a tray with a single flower and a card on the side. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast together as you rewind to your wedding day.

If you would like your first anniversary to be stylish, how about booking a table at an upscale restaurant that you both like. Add a pinch of excitement to the evening by reaching the restaurant separately just the way you did when you were dating.

Take off on a second honeymoon and enjoy the experience of being a couple. Make sure it’s just the two of you. Plan and go somewhere where you’ve both wanted to go but never had the chance.

If your spouse has always wanted to fly an airplane or dreamt of something out of the ordinary, see if you can arrange for that dream to come true. Organize it in advance and then let out the secret on the day of your anniversary.

Shopping together without a care in the world is a great way to let your hair down. Buy each other clothes, gifts, whatever you want without worrying about the expense for a change. Take time out to fit in a nice lunch and you have your day set.

If your first anniversary is in the summer and the weather seems to be looking up, organize a picnic in the country. Pack your favorite food and bask in the sunshine together.

End the special day with a gift specially chosen for the occasion.