Signs He Is Cheating: Four Marks of a Two-Timer

Signs He Is Cheating: Four Marks of a Two-Timer

Infidelity percentage found on the Internet has varied results. But in most cases, statistics shows that men are more inclined to playing around than women. If you’ve encountered one or two of these two-timers, you’d know that they can be categorized into two types: those who are good at feigning faithfulness and those who are not. But whichever category he belongs, you know that no secret remains hidden in the shoebox. The earlier the woman recognizes the signs he is cheating, the earlier she can decide what to do with the relationship.

Here are top four indicators that your man has gone astray.

There are changes in his schedule.

As we know, change is the only permanent thing in this world so you must be careful in accusing him that he has another woman. Try to evaluate if his longer hours of work, extended activities with his buddies and official business trips has something to do with infidelity. Does he consult you before he commits to an activity that may disrupt your quality time together? Does he consistently make lame excuses for his unavailability? Does he modify his daily routine to accommodate what used to be unnecessary for him?

There is over emphasis on privacy.

When he puts his mobile phone off when you’re together, answers calls away from you, deletes the call history and hesitant to let you go through his messages, he might be hiding that would hurt your feelings. His computer activity can confirm his unfaithfulness too. Browse the history of his instant messengers and websites he’s spending too much time on. A guiltless boyfriend or husband would never get irritable and angry, as long as you don’t do it unreasonably.

There are lies between the lines and movements.

Lies are caught with inconsistent statements not only from him but also from other people. When he tells you he’ll hang out with a colleague but later on you find out that such colleague is out of town that night, you must not leave that issue not clarified. Inconsistencies also arise when one is defensive with his behavior so listen to his explanation carefully.

Awkward gestures are possible signs he is cheating. They say that when a person looks to his right when answering, he is constructing images; thus, he is lying to you. Avoiding eye contact and sweating profusely are also indicators of liars. Further, when his statement and gestures are contradicting, there’s something wrong with the situation. He might have started to lose enthusiasm in your relationship when he says “I love you” with a frowning face.

There are symptoms of withdrawal.

Men naturally enjoy physical and emotional intimacy. When he stops touching, cuddling and making love, it can be a sign that he’s into someone else. When he stops listening to your stories, laughing at your jokes and sharing his problems, it can imply he’s enjoying another person’s company. But don’t jump into conclusion as they may also indicate fatigue, preoccupation and boredom. However, when he has been acting like that for some time, you must validate your instinct with other signs.

As soon as you encounter signs he is cheating, try to ask yourself if there is something you can do to improve your relationship. Remember that a man cheats not primarily because of lust but because of emotional dissatisfaction. However, if you’ve tried everything but still failed, you have to talk to him and explain how the situation makes you feel uncomfortable. Then from your conversation, come up with a sound decision.