How Do You Go About Catching A Spouse Cheating?

How Do You Go About Catching A Spouse Cheating?

Has your partners behaviour changed recently? Are they doing things out of character? There are many signs to watch for to help you decide whether or not your spouse is cheating on you. Some simple detective work can help you fit the pieces together. You may wish to employ the services of a private investigator a bit further down the track but you can certainly lay the groundwork yourself. You should be able to gather enough evidence by yourself to confront your partner.

There are many clues to watch out for if you have a suspicion your spouse is cheating on you. To catch your spouse cheating you do not have to walk in on them in a compromising situation — there are lots of more subtle methods. Here we will go through some of them.

Behaviour Changes

This is probably the most important area. It will most likely be these changes in behaviour your spouse shows which start your suspicions. You will possibly start with a “gut feeling” that something is not right and it is a very good idea to pay attention to this feeling. Your partner may be paying more attention to their appearance than normal. Working lots of overtime or going to company meetings more often than usual. Perhaps they are suddenly showing an interest in things which never appealed to them before.

All these little changes can help you catch your spouse cheating. Be careful though, they may be actually working that overtime or be improving their looks for your benefit and an accusation of cheating would be a devastating blow to your relationship if it turns out to be wrong. Before you can confidently confront your partner you are going to need more evidence.

Physical Signs

Well the obvious one which makes its appearance any time a cliché is needed is a lipstick stain and it is certainly a valid sign. So is the scent of perfume — most guys don’t wear perfume! The same goes for other makeup smudges too. Love bites are a dead giveaway and hard to hide. You may find an article of clothing or something else which your partner does not own. Or, from a slightly different angle, your partner may remove signs of you or the children from the car or office because they want to appear single.

The Paper Trail

Many things your partner does will leave a trail of evidence you can follow. Phone bills and credit card statements are among the best and easiest to get your hands on. Look for long phone calls to the same number on a regular basis. Unfamiliar phone numbers can be worth checking out — see if you can get access to a reverse phone directory, you enter a phone number and it will come back with a name and possibly address if the number is not private.

Look for entries like hotels and restaurants on credit card bills. Perhaps clothing stores if your partner is buying gifts for their lover. Or stores which are located well off your partners normal travel area.

Keep notes of what you discover along with dates and times. Keep these well hidden from your partner. You will need these to back you up if and when you confront your partner. If you decide you need a private investigator they will be able to make use of any notes you have made to help catch a spouse cheating.

Overall, you need to stay calm and let your head rule your heart. Your heart will be the first to sense a problem but your head will arrange the pieces and show you what is going on. Don’t jump to conclusions — that could be as bad or worse than discovering an affair.