10 Signs Your Husband Is Cheating Online

The temptation for your husband to cheat online is there. Unless he is using a company authorized laptop or desktop he has unrestricted access to millions of opportunities to be unfaithful to you online. The question is how do you know if he is? The next question is what are you going to do about it if he is cheating online?

The technology that exists today is fantastic and has enhanced our ability to see and experience life and relationships as we never have before. Unfortunately, just as with anything else in life, there are some side effects.

I’m going to assume that your husband has given you some reasons to suspect that he is being unfaithful online. Sometimes those signs that he is cheating could be accurate or your misrepresentation of his actions. Either way, you need to figure out if it’s true or not. If you don’t you will assume that he is cheating online and your relationship will slowly but surely fall apart.

10 Signs Your Husband Is Cheating Online

  1. He set up a new Facebook or Twitter account and he didn’t let you know that he did. If your husband’s postings have decreased significantly but he still seems to be online for what seems like hours, he might be cheating online.
  2. Your husband is using some type of instant chat and is actively chatting with someone who you aren’t familiar.
  3. He closes windows on the computer when you are approaching.
  4. Your husband powers off the computer for know reason when he normally leaves it on.
  5. He downloads pictures of unidentified women. You can check the download history on his laptop/desktop and see recent downloads.
  6. Your sweet honey bunny hides his laptop or changes the password.
  7. He goes online after normal bed times.
  8. You notice big swings in his mood when he gets offline, i.e., he turns from joyful to angry and miserable.
  9. Your husband won’t let you read his emails or text messages.
  10. Strange fees show-up on credit card bills.

There are many signs that your husband might be cheating online and if you pay close attention you will find out for sure. However, I would recommend that you find out for sure before you confront him about it. You don’t want to give him a chance to further cover up his cheating.

After You Catch Him Cheating Online;

The first thing I would recommend is that you don’t panic. It is easy to assume the worst when your worst fears are realized. He may have just begun his unfaithful activities so perhaps you have a chance to get him to stop.

The next step I would recommend is that you take some time to reflect and figure out why he might be cheating or thinking about cheating and get some help in learning how you can best communicate with him. Communication is the key when dealing with infidelity.

There is a lot of talking and crying and patience required but in the end, you can turn this unfortunate discovery into a positive. In other words, you can make your marriage stronger when it’s all said and done.